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The "Best Ballet Class Ever!"

As quoted by Rapunzel, our Zoom Ballet Class was "The Best Ballet Class Ever". Our princesses, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty had such an enchanting time dancing with all the little princesses who participated. The class started with learning all the essential ballet foot positions followed by a fun game. Rapunzel then taught the princesses about good toes and naughty toes which was very fun (and a little wobbly at times balancing on one foot!) Sleeping Beauty then taught the children some elegant ballet arm positions and we put them into an enchanting routine. We then all got out of breath doing the highest jumps we could do; Rapunzel said jumping was her favourite! And how should any ballet class finish? why with a courtesy of course!

An enchanting time was had by all and we can't wait for our next Zoom Party!

Stay Enchanted x

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