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Booking Information

Preparing for your characters arrival

  • Our performer will call 5 minutes before the scheduled start time to collect any monies to be paid to the performer.

  • Please ensure to provide our performer with somewhere to sit preferably near a plug socket in case they need to plug in a speaker

  • Our performer may need help to bring in her speaker or party props and will also need help with these to exit the party. This ensures our character can make a grand entrance to make it more magical for your guests.

  • The remaining balance must be paid in cash to the performer before she enters your party. Please give the performer the exact amount, as she will not be able to provide change on the day.

  • Parking- we would appreciate if you could provide a space for our performer as close to the entrance as possible. Please note, it is the responsibility of the person who booked the party to pay any parking fees etc.

  •  We suggest having the children arrive at least 15 minutes before  our entertainer start time.

  • Please be sure to provide suitable directions if your address is hard to find or does not come up on a sat nav or google maps.

  • Please ensure our performer is entering a safe, smoke free environment. If our performer feels unsafe at any time she will end the performance immediately. You will not receive a refund in the event of this. (Examples of threatening environment include swearing, children throwing objects at our performer, drunk and disorderly behaviour, unsanitary working conditions, smoking in close proximity to our characters, rudeness or disrespect towards our character etc.)

  • Whilst we pride ourselves on maintaining a 100% attendance rate to all our events and visits, we understand that emergencies can occur. Should this happen, you will be contacted as soon as possible and a compromise of a refund or party reschedule can be discussed.


Whilst our Character is at your Celebration

  • We kindly ask that where possible the children refrain from eating or drinking near our performer due to the elaborate and hard to clean costumes.

  • Our entertainment packages are timed perfectly to fit in all activities. Our character will do everything she can to include all advertised package activities, but if some activities run long due to circumstances outside her control, she may need to cut some activities from the package in order to finish on time.

  • Our performer will be wearing shoes throughout the duration of the party. Please inform us if our character is to remove her shoes at least 7 days prior to the party so we can add this note to your booking.

  • There must be a responsible adult present at all times to supervise the children whilst our entertainer is there.

  • If possible, we suggest trying your best to keep background noise to a minimum so our entertainer can be heard. We recommend turning off bouncy castles whilst our performer is there.

  • We suggest you encourage all the children to be sitting around the chair where our character will be seated ready for when our character enters the room. This will create a magical entrance for your guests.

  • If you are serving food during the time our performer is there we recommend you do this during the makeup section of the party.


If you have any questions on any of the above or any queries regarding your booking then you can contact us via email on



Stay Enchanted

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