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Social Distance Walks - Gorleston Seafront

Our Princesses were at it again, this time making a grand appearance at Gorleston Seafront! Our characters visiting were our Arabian Princess and Rapunzel and they were delighted that so many children had turned out to see them and even put on their favourite princess dresses. You could hear the distant calls of around 15 children running towards our princesses shouting their names. It was a truly magical moment that brought the seafront to life. It seemed we had a lot of Princess Jasmine and Rapunzel fans! Our Arabian Princess loved singing a Whole New World to her new friends and Rapunzel sung 'When will my life begin'. The children loved hearing about how Rapunzel and Jasmine got to the kingdom of Gorleston on a magic carpet (which Rapunzel said made her feel a little dizzy as it was rather windy!) We all had a magical time!

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